Airing: 2019-Present Day

Genre: Comedy, Interviews

Category: Explore Laker Life

About the Show

According to the Grand Valley TV Dictionary (which totally exists...): 



Interviews that feature Hugh Boyd. 


But who is Hugh Boyd? He's a Laker for a Lifetime. A Twin Peaks fan. The student senator who started that Pledge of Allegiance controversy. And perhaps, if we're being honest, one of the most hilarious interviewers at Grand Valley State University. 

After years of hosting Interhughs segments on Late Night Brew (and even getting his own "Late Night Hugh" episode), Hugh Boyd finally got his own Interhughs show! Watch as he walks around campus (and nearby apartment complexes where tailgates have been known to occur), and asks random people the strangest of questions... and see how they respond! 

Explore Laker Life by watching Interhughs, only on GVTV. 

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