Film Center

The Film Center Will Open Fall 2019

Grand Valley Television (GVTV) is proud to introduce the GVTV Film Center, a service provided by the E-Board to help Film & Video Production students, Multimedia Journalism students, and students in other majors make the best possible videos they can. 

Simply scroll down below to request an appointment with a member of the E-Board. Please put "Film Center:" in the subject bar first before you type the subject of your email (that way we can separate it from our other GVTV emails). In the message bar, please describe in detail: 

  • Name of Project

  • Name of Class that the project is for (if applicable)

  • Any criteria for the project that must be met (if applicable)

  • Type of Video (advertisement, news, documentary, serialized figure, animation, etc.)

  • Length of Video (10 minutes and under) OR Length of Screenplay (15 pages and under)

  • What you need help with (writing, editing, etc.)

  • A YouTube, Google Drive, or Vimeo link to the video/screenplay 

  • If you'd like to have a session with a specific member of the E-Board

Sessions will last 30 minutes maximum, to accommodate for others who may need assistance with their videos.  All sessions will be held at our office, located at 0005 Kirkhof Center in the basement next to the underground library tunnel. We hope to see you soon!

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You can also message us on social media with a link to your video if it's online! 

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At our office

Our office is located at

0005 Kirkhof Center in the basement next to the underground

library tunnel.

Stop in if the

door is open!



At a meeting

We meet Mondays, 9:00pm, in Kirkhof Center, Room 2215/2226.

All students from all disciplines are welcome!