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Airing: 2018-Present

Genre: Drama, Horror, Fiction

Category: Experience the Drama

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About the Show

Fictional short films have always had a home on GVTV. Ranging from stories dealing with drug addiction to more lighthearted adventures, Grand Valley TV's anthology series Cracked Clouds takes the approach of The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror in exploring a variety of tales. 

When it began as Dark Reflective Surfaces in Fall 2018, the show explored episodes that each dealt with a unique genre. In Fall 2019, the show was rebranded as Cracked Clouds. 


Each season deals with specific themes that are explored over the course of various episodes. As such, this show is unique in that each episode acts as a separate short film -- with no shared continuity between episodes.  

Experience the Drama of Cracked Clouds with GVTV. 

Latest Episodes

Dark Reflective Surfaces

Executive Producers

Nick Ranger and Khoi Nguyen

Season 1 (Fall 2018)

"Rubber Ducky You're My Friend"

Produced by Gwen Trautman

"Fowl Play"

Produced by Deanna Fife

"Tear Ducks"

Produced by Hannah Holster

and Megan Bruce

"The Ugly Ducks"

Produced by Chiara Nicholas


Produced by Keefer Silverstein

Season 2 (Winter 2019)


Produced by Hannah Holster


Produced by Keefer Silverstein

"Live in Living Color"

Produced by Gwen Trautman

Executive Producers

Keefer Silverstein and Hannah Holster

Cracked Clouds

Season 3 (Fall 2019)

"Seeing Double"

Directed by Matthew Metry


Directed by Lauren Helner

"The Past Follows"

Directed by Keefer Silverstein

Season 4 (Fall 2020-Present)


Directed by Kaleb Liermann


Directed by Colleen Kellogg