How GVTV is addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

GVTV is committed to providing a safe, quality experience for members during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In order to honor this commitment and abide by Governor Whitmer's executive orders:


  • All weekly general meetings will be held virtually on Zoom.

  • No more than 3 students will be allowed in Room 0004 of Kirkhof Center, also known as the GVTV Office or GVTV Control Room. 

  • No more than 4 students will be allowed in Room 0005 of Kirkhof Center, also known as the GVTV Studio. 

  • Masks will be mandatory at ALL TIMES except:

    • When talent is performing on-air or being recorded.

  • Social Distancing of 6ft will be observed, including when talent is performing on air. 

  • Equipment training for freshmen and others will be conducted virtually via Zoom or a pre-recorded training video, or at a minimum distance of 6 ft with masks on. 

  • Equipment check-in includes sanitation of gear by equipment manager or designee (before it goes back in storage cabinet).

  • An inventory for PPE and tracking of PPE usage will be established.

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