About the Show

Late Night Brew (LNB) is Grand Valley TV's comedy show. For its first two seasons, it was formatted as a "late night talk show hosted by students, for students". Currently in its third season, LNB now primarily focuses on creating comedy sketches.


So go grab a brew and hang out with us!

Latest Episodes


Gillian Noonan


Amber Peltier

Ben Tiesworth

Beth Kuenzel

Brandon Wolford

Carter Penny

Collin Kittrell

Courtney Jimison

Delaney Nation

Kristen Spier

Garrett Hughes

Noah Houchlei


Kyle Macciomei


Emma Caprara

Fatih Davis

Garrett Near

Grace Olsen

Harley Collar

Hugh Boyd

Jake Wiegand

Jayla Davis

John Chown

Josh Webb 

Griffin Sheridan

Eric Peck

Leah Kerr

Mary Racette

Nehemiah Hudgins-Lopez

Savannah Wright

Tovi Gentilucci

Wesley Joubert

Weston Kotecki

Zach Thomas

Savannah Klein


Probably A Bad Idea

Late Night Feast

Late Night Today

Black Box Sessions

Talk Time​


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