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About the Show

Black Box is a show that finds local legitimate bands, and records them performing a song of their choice. Afterward, the band is interviewed so viewers can get to know who they are and what they're about. 

Black Box is a revival of Black Box Sessions, which later became a segment on Late Night Brew for two seasons. 

Latest Episodes

Featured Local Talent


The Eighth


Music Video 1 & Interview 1: Mannhattan

  • Kristen Spier: Producer/Audio

  • Harley Collar: Producer/Camera

  • Garrett Hughes: Cinematographer

  • Kyle Macciomei: Director/Audio

Music Video 2: The Eighth

  • Director: Harley Collar and Kristen Spier

  • Producer: Harley Collar and Kristen Spier

  • Audio: Kyle Macciomei and Scottie Dilyard

  • Cinematography: Harley Collar, Josh Webb, Reagan Marks

  • Grip: Montana Schrader

  • Editor: Joshua Webb